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Home > Garden Shop > PRUNERS & Tools from BARNEL ...prevent sore hands later

PRUNERS & Tools from BARNEL ...prevent sore hands later

Barnel ... Top-of-the-line high technology tools with ergonomic designs and amazingly sharp blades. Barnel pruners and loppers provide pain-free cutting and high-tech innovations that benefit serious gardeners during even the longest pruning sessions.

10" XL Sharpener
Diamond-edge sharpener

$29.00  $32.00

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B807 7 inch pruner
Amazingly sharp, easy to use 7 inch Barnel pruner


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B808 8 inch pruner
Amazingly sharp 8 inch Barnel pruner


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Diamond-edge Sharpener
Diamond sharpener provides super-sharp edge on your tools. Non-slip, easy grip handle with both fine and coarse sides to the sharpener.


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Exhibitor's Snip from Barnel
Sharp, tiny blade gets everywhere easily.


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Gardener's Phone Pack/Tool Belt
Perfect belt for tools and your cell phone


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