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Specialized tools and easy care products make maintaining your garden tools easier so you can return to the garden. Barnel continually strives to make these chores easier and more efficient. The newest product offered is the EZ-Cut oil that disinfects your pruners without ruining the blades. You'll find this new and special product first with Harlane Co. and sister TheRoseGardener.com -- of course, from Barnel!

Diamond-edge Sharpener
Diamond sharpener provides super-sharp edge on your tools. Non-slip, easy grip handle with both fine and coarse sides to the sharpener.


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Harlane Folding Keyhole Saw
The 6 inch folding keyhole saw is most useful for reaching into the most narrow and hard-to-reach spaces. The sharp blade makes this saw very easy to use. SORRY, WE ARE SOLD OUT OF THIS ITEM.

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Pruner Oil
Barnel B-Oil is a lightweight oil perfect for keeping your pruners and other garden tools in new condition.


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Replacement Parts
Everything you need to keep your Barnel tools as "good as new!" We stock all the essential replacement parts and can easily order other parts, when needed.

$6.90 - $9.75

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Thorn stripper
Bright red thorn and leaf stripper that is easy to hold and easy to use. Hold this lightweight thornstripper loosely around the stem and gently pull in a downward motion without gripping the stem tightly. Leaves and thorns will be removed and your stem will be ready to use in any arrangement.


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