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Harlane Company, LLC
New Address:
2412 NW 121 Circle
Vancouver, WA 98685
(404) 771-9300 Pacific Time
Email: harlane@comcast.net

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Wednesday's with Wendy: News to use...

Tidbits for gardeners, the latest introductions of plants and products, including Harlane, Barnel and Bionic topics.

Harlane's History & Future: What It Means for Our Customers  September 6th, 2008
Does Harlane really need to change? Some of my name tags are 20 years old and I still like the way they look! ... [Read More]
Welcome to Our First Wednesday!  September 6th, 2008
Harlane name plates may just become fashion plates in your garden. ... [Read More]

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