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Welcome to Our First Wednesday!

So, What's New?

Posted: September 6th, 2008 @ 3:15pm

Engraved name plate colors...available soon

Engraved name plate colors...available soon

The new engraving process allows us to print any plant names, not just roses anymore. Our new name plate is much thicker, yet still fits on the same Harlane stakes you already have. These new name plates are 1/16" thick and won't bend, fade, curl, or crack over the years. That means fewer replacement tags, and most excitingly, choices for you in your garden. Choose from our beautiful pale green color name plate with black lettering, forest green with eggshell lettering, matte gold (looks tan), or black and white. 1/32" or 1/16" thicknesses may be offered in the various colors. For comparison purposes, our current printed name plates vary up to 1/32" in thickness.

The pale green name plate you see in the picture is for an idea of color; however the true plate is a much paler green (not pale blue as it may appear on some computer screens)  like the original plates-- we do not yet have the black lettered core to show you. Those of you with the older plates that may have faded to white might consider matching their current name plates by ordering the white plates. We will still carry some of the thinner plates in several colors, and you can order our current blank name plates with the permanent marking pens.

Some of the color materials are on the way, so we may need to notify you when your order is ready--for example, our matching pale green thicker plates are not yet here, but will be within the month. Other colors are here and ready to be engraved with your custom names. Contact me any time for updates on material or special requests.

The other big news is that you  can complete your order on-line with our secure Google Checkout procedure. You don't need to mail me your list or call me to charge your order. I will send you confirmation and notification regarding shipping and you can hve all your gardening products delivered directly to your door.

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