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Harlane Company, LLC
New Address:
2412 NW 121 Circle
Vancouver, WA 98685
(404) 771-9300 Pacific Time
Email: harlane@comcast.net

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About Us

Wendy and Ryan Tilley are the proud owners of Harlane Company.
Having heard about the impending retirement of recent owners, I was distressed to think we would no longer be able to acquire "our" name plates. We had been growing roses 20 years and using Harlane plates exclusively. Ryan had also been putting these markers into client gardens throughout the Atlanta area-- so they would be sorely missed by us. The "grapevine" told us that we weren't the only ones who would miss Harlane. My retirement from teaching school was imminent, so we decided Harlane needed to continue, and we purchased it. So, begins our chapter in Harlane's history.
So, we moved Harlane Garden Labels to the Atlanta, GA area in 2007.
In late 2017, we are moving to Vancouver, WA, just across the river from Portland, Oregon. We will be making the same great Harlane labels, just shipping from the West Coast now.
What's special about the Harlane garden marker? Some history...
Early newspaper articles from 1960 raved about the attractive green stakes and UV-stable name plates featuring custom printing of rose names. Reviewers remarked upon the beauty, durability and UV features at an equally attractive and affordable cost. Customers still agree and have returned through the years as they add to their gardens.
In 2008, Harlane moved from a typeset, permanently inked garden marker to a laser engraved name plate, custom engraved to reflect your garden choices. Our UV-stable green stake remains a favorite and continues with Harlane into the future. Our new name plate materials with greater thicknesses available will withstand the sun and heat of years with constant extremes in temperature.
Ryan and I are gardeners first and feel you will like the improved labels as much as we do, and we pledge to remain affordable as we continue to provide our long-lasting, high-quality garden labels.  Thank you kindly for your continued business through the years.
We plan to continue serving the rose and gardening communities for years to come.


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